The keys will hit
the scales will tip.


Welcome to my world of short stories. You needn’t be afraid of the darkness here. Unless you’re a “bad” guy, of course. Then you should be very afraid. But don’t worry; the stories will be over before you know it because the stories here are short, like my attention.

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From ​100 Words
From ​​Prompted
Ear to Ear
Piece Full Kitchen
Every time I see her smile my heart breaks a little more.

My corn just won’t pop without her. My seeds sit dormant.

Yet there she is, laughing. Without me. Taking tickets and eating handfuls of popcorn when she thinks no one is looking.
“​​​​​​​What the hell are you staring at?” I asked.

     The thing just sat there. And stared at me. Like it didn’t understand what I was saying. The way it sat there, dumbly, was driving me crazy. I tried to ignore it and just cut the carrots but every time I looked away I could feel its prying eyes on me.

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